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Posted Apr 3, 2008, 3:56:41 AM

I'm still really proud of this.  It started as a sketch.  I remember that I had some time of my hands an my prismacolor pencils in my back pack and I went all the way.  This is a scene from my story Shen.  It depicts Kushadian Imperial Agent Amos Drisriak being turned in to a dragon beneath a blood red moon by a mage named Rendal. Standing to Rendal's right is Dru Zeree. ( Dru's a cat-person, hence the 'ears')  It was actually part of book three of the Shen series called; Beyond the Gate.  This really takes me back. 

Amos' transformation was innate, Rendal simply triggered the change.  It was a great scene to write - not to mention draw! 

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