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Pathan General

Posted Apr 3, 2008, 4:14:13 AM

Among the gorgon tribes of Shaadiv there existed an elite sect of warriors called the Pathān. This sect was cast out by Queen Hahtra when it became known the Pathān leadership did not approve of her rule. The Pathān fled their beloved Sebalia and waited reluctantly in exile for a sign. When Nehra makes his bid for the throne the Pathan rally behind their new King wholeheartly. Their general is a gorgon who's watched the Empire wither under Hahtra's nelegent rule.

Drawn above is their general. Nameless at the moment. I'm still brooding over a suitable name for this powerful Pathān gorgon.

Oh, and YES I did use a certain person for the likeness. I won't deny it. Can you tell who it is?

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  • Apr 4, 2008
    The shading is really well done Yes And his face looks really intense like he's staring you down XD very cool. Who did you use for the ref?
    • Apr 4, 2008
      I'll tell you in PM. Maybe someone will guess it! Evil
  • Apr 5, 2008

    I'm gonna be wrong....

    Harrison Ford?
    • Apr 5, 2008
      No, not Harrison. But a good choice nonetheless!
      • Apr 5, 2008
        Doh! >.< Hints?
        • Apr 5, 2008
          Hmmm, a hint. He's was the voice of the 'Iron Giant'
          • Apr 5, 2008
            Vin Deisel? O.O! Well, now its brought up it does have the feel... the hair fooled me though XD I've never seen him with hair XD
            • Apr 5, 2008
              Yup! While I was sketching this character the features seemed to look like Vin so I broke down and got some more references and tried to draw the likeness.