Sensei Yashita

Posted Apr 6, 2008, 8:16:14 AM

This is my rendition of Sensei Yashita from Fenikkusuken's TL fanfic.  Her description of him intrigued me.  Inuyasha in disguise, secretly conspiring to help his mate prepare for the fight of life on the other side of the well, not knowing what will happen to her..............or them.  Waiting until the day he can have his Kagome once again without restraint (and Sessaki minds his own damn business and stops interfearing!) or consequence.  Feni has given me her blessing to post this .  I hope you all enjoy!

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  • Dec 21, 2008
    I really like this picture! I am intrigued to read the story just because of this drawing!

    Must fave!
    • Dec 21, 2008
      Thank you, so much!! I actually re-drew this in my newer style on my DA page (same tag name) under Sensei Yashita Revisited. My drawing style has morphed to a more realistic motif but people seem to like it as well.
      • Dec 21, 2008
        I went to your DA page and saw the revisited version. I like that one too. I, will amit though, that I have a preference for the anime style. I suppose because the likeness to the original characters is more defined. With that said, I think you do better when you use a style that is more suited to you. Wink
        • Dec 21, 2008
          Feni prefers this version too, but she does drool over the revisited version as well. LOL