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Posted Apr 17, 2008, 5:19:52 PM
Okay, If you remember Sabrina a OC that I created for a story of mine about a girl who is a F.E.S (foreign exchange student) and starts to see the son of the family she is staying with well this is him Here's and he does have Tattoos the one you see is the only one that's visible Here's his profile:

Name: Ian Brandon

age: 18

birthdate: December 31

hair color: black

eye color: apple green

favorite colors:black, grey, red and silver

personality: He tends to be very quiet almost never talking during the whole school day. personality wise he's very kind, well mannered and intelligent. every now and than he becomes impulsive (depends on situation) but all in all he's someone you would like to be around even though he doesn't really look it. He only dresses like that so that way people who only care about looks and popularity don't talk to him. because he knows the actual value of friendship instead of just being known for being popular or on his looks.

Bio: Ian and his family have been in the foreign Exchange student program for five school years now going on six. His sister,who;s two minutes younger, has been doing this since they were both sevies (seventh graders) so in order to make the Foreiegn Exchange student feel at home and comfortable during their stay they built a guest room soloey for them to use and the father had them family enroll in different language classes. So Ian and his family can now speak,Latin, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Italian, German, And French almost fluently. He refuses to learn pig latin or russian because he's getting tired of spending part of his summer vacations in language classes.

His friends james, shaun and mike have been with Ian since elementary and they are a hard group to break up. they formed a metal band about four years ago not to be professional or anything but for fun he's the lead guitarist. He does carry his guitar in the coffin case at school along with a mini portable amp everyday because he like to play during lunch. most people give him a weird look because of the coffin but e doesn't care

He is an above average B and C student because he doesn't like the pressures of being an A student. and has no melt downs when it comes to Homework unlike his sister who pretty much freaks out anytime she gets too much on her plate because she strives to be and maintain being a A student.

views on relationships: He likes real relationships not the ones that are MY Boyfriend's better than yours or hauling you around the campus showing you off like a bloody trophy. So he tends to go out with girls that are down to Earth, nice, intelligent, and fun to be around.

so in a nut shell he's the definition of Don't judge a book by its cover.

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