Rat Maiden

Posted Apr 19, 2008, 8:47:04 PM

Zodiac: Western Virgo + Chinese Rat
Medium: Ballpoint pen, colour pencils, and Photoshop CS2 (for a little leveling, flower pattern, rat coloring, and border)

A simple drawing interpreting the Zodiac theme. I originally thought of drawing a Virgo female, but I also wanted to acknowledge my Chinese zodiac, hence the (pet?) rat. I also tried putting in some symbolisms: The color blue and the flower aster are associated with Virgo. I also found out that I'm a Wood Rat (1984), hence the wood-ish color of the rat (-> it's a Cinnamon ^_^).

Credits: Nepalese girl with her pet rat (by Phitar) -- reference for rat-holding pose ^^

* Originally submitted as an
Art Jam entry for MyAnimelist.Net
* I suck at drawing hands. =_=
* I originally wanted to draw in an Art Nouveau-ish style but it's taking me too damn long (only got to the hair and robe part). ^^"

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  • Apr 24, 2008
    A tip with the hands- where the thumbs are, if you extend the line between the thumb and forefinger, it'll look right. Half way down the palm is a good rule of thumb... omg the pun. I can't believe I just typed that T.T ^^;
    • Aug 23, 2008
      Thank you for dropping by and giving me the tip about hands -- I've always find hands tricky to draw, so I'll keep that 'rule of thumb' in mind. Wink Thumbs Up

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Wave