Internet Revolution of 1994

Posted Apr 22, 2008, 1:25:17 AM

As any REAL historian will tell you, the Internet Revolution of the early 1990's was a powerful uprising against the dirty Communist regime of the Postal System. The Internetians, although small in size, had the determination to nearly wipe out the Postal powers. They fought bravely and managed to push back the Postals, at the cost of many men. Atop a solemn hill overlooking a peaceful sea, a flag of patriots was flown.

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  • Apr 22, 2008
    ROFL god.
    • Apr 22, 2008
      xD thank you!
      • Apr 22, 2008
        You're welcome. xD God, I'm still lolling at this.
        • Apr 22, 2008
          Well thank you... I didn't know how people would react. My friend thought it was funny too.
          • Apr 22, 2008
            I loved it. xD I just posted something new. I wish it'd came out as well as this did, but unfortunately I'm using a sucky trackball. Sad If I get ahold of a mouse tomorrow I'm sure I'll suck a little less.
  • Apr 24, 2008
    *falls over*

    I loled ^^
  • Nov 30, 2010
    fight the trolls!