EoA - Dieter and Kuzan

Posted Apr 28, 2008, 7:41:53 PM

Dieter's the blond in the foreground, Kuzan's the darker-skinned guy in the background.

This scene was spawned by some side-RP between Kuzan (my character) and Dieter (an NPC). The two get along really well, having a lot of the same likes and drives. Dieter has a taste for adventure but, being Lamordian, his mind is generally constrained by the idea that if science can't accomplish it, it must not be possible. He's not as bad as a lot of Lamordians, but that ideal still lingers in his head.

Kuzan, likewise, has a taste for adventure but, being a priest, grew up around phenomenons that can't be explained in simple scientific terms. So, one day he decided to give Dieter's world a little bit of a spin and took him flying. Kuzan, a priest of a god of storms, has a gift to allow flight, and bestowed it on himself and Dieter. Dieter, as you can see, is enjoying himself quite a lot.

The two are very good friends, and have forged a lot of bonds in the short time they've known each other. They both have similar penchants for mischief, similar drives for adventure, and are both generally good-natured guys. Since they come from different backgrounds, Kuzan is a sailor-priest and Dieter is a farmboy-turned-soldier, there's enough spice to keep things interesting. But by and large, their mutual likes have helped them forge an extremely strong bond of friendship.

Done in Photoshop CS3, probably about 4 hours, but I did it over the space of a few days so I don't really know exactly how long it took.

I know it probably looks more like Dieter is falling rather than flying. Simply put, this was his first time ever flying, let alone under his own power. I deliberately put a contrast between his wild, living the experience to the fullest pose and Kuzan's more stable pose that suggests he better knows what he's doing.

The Eye of Anubis and Dieter Haulfstead © Mikhail Rekun Selendrial Selendrial
Kuzan and Artwork © Micah Weltsch kaitou-kage kaitou-kage

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