Kuro Secret Santa

Posted Apr 30, 2008, 11:55:19 PM

 For http://www.paperdemon.com/profile/2927 . Finally. Eet is done. v_v;

I'm embarrassed  that it took me this long.

*twitch* Anyway. I screwed this over earlier, and then I guess I managed to save it? o_0;

I enjoy it, nonetheless. I have markers all over my hands but yeah. :>

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  • Jun 21, 2008
    Wow, I love the way you used the markers on this! Out of pure curiosity, what type of markers do you use - Prismacolor, copics, or ... what? Well at anyrate, this is really cool. Corky Smile
    • Jun 21, 2008
      I ended up using strictly prismacolors with prismacolor pencils on top of that. Big Smile <3
      It is a dream of mine to own copics, but I iz poor. ;_;
      XD And besides, prismas and I are doing fiarly okay right now. Smile

      Thank you though! C:
      • Jun 21, 2008
        Ah, I see! It looks great; I was just curious. Corky Smile Again, lovely technique.
        Trust me - I owned a set of copics, but after trying Prismacolors out in place of Copics when mine ran dry, I only use Prismas now, seeing as they're easily their equal (if not better for certain projects), and waaaay cheaper.

        And, of course, no problem; thanks for answering my question. ;D
        • Jun 21, 2008
          XD; I hope so, I've been teaching myself. XD;

          *nod* I can see how that would be, my big thing with copics is #1, the range of skin tone and colors in general. and #2, you can buy little refill things for the copics and there's like...10 refills in each little bottle thing, as far as I understand it. Oh. #3, the whole thing about making your own colors with those bottles? That'd make me all yards of happy. D:

          You're welcome. XD
          • Jun 23, 2008
            Ah ... well now that you mention all /those/ kinds of perks .... D: .... lol.
            • Jun 23, 2008
              XD; They are still really good though... XD; Don't get me wrong, it's just those perks are like for me, as I'm poor "money savings! 8D *wiggggle*" Just to get copics at first is..really expensive.. >_o;
              • Jun 23, 2008
                xD Haha. But believe me, I know what you mean .... as in, like, '$6 per single marker' expensive, if I remember correctly, right? Well, I know that my folks managed to find a starter-set for not nearly as high a price online (and not from e-bay) ... if I can find out where they got them from, I'll be sure to send you the link to the site, so you can check it out should the funds to buy them become available to you.
                • Jun 23, 2008
                  Something like that... There's Dick Blick Art Materials or Cheap Joe's Art Stuff online... *hmms* 9_9 Those are the places I'm looking at to buy from, mostly, though trying to find the little jars is hard...that's what I've been trying to find recently.
  • May 2, 2008
    Oh wow I love the colours and abstract background. It was well worth the wait!