Shield of the Seven Heavens

Posted May 6, 2008, 5:21:37 PM

Kamal al-Sa'ir, Shield of the Seven Heavens

I shouldn't really be doing a magic circle picture again so quickly, but I've got this and at least one more. I haven't done a War of the Roses illustration in a while -- at least, not one that I've posted. So here's Kamal using the Shield of the Seven Heavens spell to ward off some kind of attack from a foe. Being a master of wards and shields, Kamal's defenses are notably difficult to pierce, and the Shield of the Seven Heavens defends against many attacks, both magical and mundane.

The runes are actual Sufi runes. The big one in the top represents the First Heaven, and they go in order as you go further out from it. The bottom one is the Seventh Heaven. I didn't include 5 or 6 because the circle was starting to detract from the image as a whole more than it already does.

Kamal al-Sa'ir and the War of the Roses © Micah Weltsch and Jason Koh

Artwork © Micah Weltsch

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