Life and Death

Posted May 24, 2008, 6:51:52 AM UTC

One of the first anime fanworks I did that is even worth speaking of.  Wow this is old.

A gift for my good friend SailorArctic. :3  The senshi in blue, obviously, is Arctic -- the Senshi of Life.  Which would be why she's fighting off death.  Ah ha ha I was so clever.


Sketch: no.2 wooden pencil; Inking: Pilot Gel Ink pen; Coloring: Crayola and PENTECH colored pencil.
Drawing time: Ehhh... Spread out over about three or four days.

Sailor Moon (c) Takeuchi Naoko
Sailor Arctic (c) J.N. Beitzel
artwork (c) K.A. Towers

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