First Ever Ink - Oruha-san

Posted Jun 6, 2008, 11:53:20 PM

So the other day LuLu let me borrow some of her black ink to play with since i'd never used ink before..

so i had a play with it last night. and you know what? i think for my first ever time using ink this actually turned out ok!

but i still have alot to of work to do if to improve i think.

tell me what you think...

i used a brush since i don't have an ink pen, and it may of looked like i used alot of ink but it spread really far.

actually i think i used to much! I'm sorry LuLu! i'll buy you some more ink!


oh and this Oruha-san from Tsubasa. shes a cross over character from clover, I don't own her. Its not my original art work, its from Tsubasa Volume 7.

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  • Jun 6, 2008
    It turned out great for a first time ink! And you can keep the ink, i have more ^_^ you did a great job for only using a brush!!! XD i love it! Great job! It's totally different to paint huh ^_^ Awsomeness! U should see my first inking... it's a blob lol no seriously
    • Jun 6, 2008
      =D! yay!! thank you! really!? Yay! naw im going to buy you some more though! ill finish this one and do another harder one 2nite and see how it turns out C=
      • Jun 7, 2008
        AWSOME i have some red, blue and yellow ink to if you would like to try it out ^_^
        • Jun 7, 2008
          cool! sure ^_^. bring it art one day ^_^
  • Jun 7, 2008
    great job, it actually looks like chinese watercolor.