first ever ink - finished

Posted Jun 8, 2008, 4:55:01 AM

i finished it...heres the story (i'm going to copy it from the work in progress one i posted haha)


So the other day LuLu let me borrow some of her black ink to play with since i'd never used ink before..

so i had a play with it last night. and you know what? i think for my first ever time using ink this actually turned out ok!

but i still have alot to of work to do if to improve i think.

tell me what you think...

i used a brush since i don't have an ink pen, and it may of looked like i used alot of ink but it spread really far.

actually i think i used to much! I'm sorry LuLu! i'll buy you some more ink!


oh and this Oruha-san from Tsubasa. shes a cross over character from clover, I don't own her. Its not my original art work, its from Tsubasa Volume 7.


so heres the finished work! what do you guys think...well...i think its ok for a 1st time! but i think i screwed up a little on the fingers! i still have alot to learn, but i can't wait to do more ink pictures! its so much fun to use ^_^

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  • Jun 9, 2008
    I like this one. There is a lot of form and balance here.
    The only problem is the different tones in the ink (which all ink users experience at some stage).
    Just keep practicing and it will eventually become perfect. I am now collecting my works to put on to paper demon. I have to scan them at Lulu's.
    I have an idea for you. You should try the same style but continue to play with different medias such as paint and sketch pen. I can show you proper smudging if you like Smile
    • Jun 9, 2008
      thanks ^_^. and yeah..i noticed the tone difference to...but it this the 1st one i've ever done so i have an excuse! lol. don't worry i'm going to continue to practice! hopefully ill become better Corky Smile

      thats for the critique!
  • Jun 8, 2008
    That is really lovely. I've always been a bit intimidated by liquid ink. Did you sketch first or just paint straight off with the brush?
    • Jun 8, 2008
      thank you! C=!
      i sketched it the body and then the outline of the hair and then i started inking it
  • Jun 8, 2008
    Woo Dances, it looks awsome! Great first job!!!!