Allie and Dezman

Posted Jun 12, 2008, 2:44:41 AM

Dezman 'Demon' Lorne-Satar/Lyros and Alexis 'Allie' Neostyn, as well as any characters from the story Legend of Dezman are copywrite 2004 Sam Venne.

Alexis Neostyn is a Lycan, and Dezman Lorne is from a different world and is a cross between an Angelic and one of the last Daetehks (a race with three sets of demonic wings who live in the mountains). As kids they were eachother's 'imaginary friend', because Dezman's spiritual powers drew her soul across worlds to him. Eventually they meet, and Allie instantly loves him, even though his loss of control of his Dae powers causes her to become a lycanthrope.


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