KANZO Designs

Posted Jun 19, 2008, 1:43:11 PM

A vector mock-up of an assignment I had to do at TAFE. I'm designing Korean-flavoured  fashion for a female teenage audience. KANZO's the 'design label' name I gave my designs.


Concept Designs, art (c) Me

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  • Jun 22, 2008
    It looks great so far I especially like the design of the dark haired girls dress.
    • Jun 22, 2008
      Really? Honestly, I don't really like how I did the dark girl's dress, but it's good to know you guys out there like it=D
  • Jun 24, 2008
    My favourite is the dress second from the right ^^ It's pretty Big Smile

    Do you commission dress designs? OR is it something you do for luls? I need a style for my royalty in my world I'm writing. I'm not too good at costumes >.>
    • Jun 24, 2008
      This was for a TAFE assignment.

      Right now I'm not taking any requests of any kind, sorry.
      • Jun 24, 2008

        it was going to be an *actual* commission, but that's ok. I understand ^^
        • Jun 24, 2008
          I understand, but I should've mentioned earlier also that I do not (at least not yet) accept commissions.

          But when I do figure that stuff out, I'll let you know =D