The Poisonous Orator

Posted Jun 22, 2008, 3:59:09 AM

 Kind of a bad scan, but yeah.
This is Odin/Doxin, an fan-made Nobody.

Every word he speaks is poisonous and cutting (relatively, let's not be stupid), and it comes from the way Doxin's Somebody, Odin, died. 
But yeah. I laugh because his colors ended up looking vaguely like the Joker. :3 *gigglesnort* I've ben thinking though, recently, about making his tongue silver. C:

He's mine

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  • Jun 24, 2008
    silver tongue would be cool, but I get the vibe you need something more visible to make him not joker-ish. I dunno why, but I see blue lips as being cool on him.
    • Jun 26, 2008
      Agreed... *hmms* I guess I could hang out and do some practice doodles. Big Smile <3 I'll totally try it. Smile Thanks, hun.
      • Jun 27, 2008
        no problem, I posted that and then thought, dude, she's gonna think I'm totally nosing in on her business. I'm glad you like it though, I'm always full of ideas.
        • Jun 28, 2008
          lulz, no. XD No worries, I like to hear what people have to say. <3
          • Jun 29, 2008
            awesome! cooler than most artists I know...