In The Same Boat

Posted Jun 25, 2008, 3:36:56 PM UTC

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't read the scanlation of the last chapter - don't yell at me, THIS is your only warning. Also the file is 2224x1700 so if you want to see it larger be prepared if it takes a while to load.

Yeeeaahhhhh, I'm NOT happy about Inuyasha ending. It's not so much that it's ended but that Kagome didn't get a kiss. A hug is fine but they just spent three years apart and all she gets is a hug?!?!? Now I know Inuyasha isn't the most affectionate guy around but geez would it have killed him to at least add a cute little NUZZLE to that hug?

This little fanart spawned from a little discussion between myself and Urd-chan over the last chapter. And I'm referring to the Full Metal Alchemist movie where Winry barely gets to see Ed when they kick her right off the movie - yes I am not happy with that either but at least the manga is still running so I don't mind it as much as IY. I drew this in 10 to 20 minutes and did a major rush job on the CGing so I know there are a lot of goofs and problems with it but I DON'T CARE so please don't bother to point them out.

And if you can't read the text here it is:

K: So what are you in for?

W: In the FMA movie I got shoved to the side when my guy made it back to our world and then he went back to the other world without me. Then I just sort of disappeared from the movie completely. And you?

K: My manga ended with 558 chapters and I didn’t even get a kiss. I mean my undead love rival got a kiss and all I got was a lousy hug.

W: Bummer. Looks like the writers stuck us in the same boat.

K: ...Hey are we leaking? We seem to be taking on water....

W: ....Are those shark fins?



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