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Alex - Full Body Sketch

Posted Jul 9, 2008, 5:20:03 AM

Pretty quick sketch I did of Alexander because I was unsatisfied with the bust shot I did of him. Not that the final version didn't come out pretty good, I didn't like the way I drew his head and the pose sucked a lot, truth be told. I made the outfit up as I went along, after having a fairly vague idea on his look from the waist down and a bit of the back side. I am actually satisfied with the way most of the anatomy came out and I tried a new angle with the right leg by jutting it out more. I saw it done in one of the comic books I read recently and wanted to try it myself to see how it looked and I like it. The stance looks a lot more sturdy compared to how I used to draw men standing in my old model sheets with their legs close together. That and his posture is actually correct to how I wanted it with the chest out and head tilted a bit back. Having his arms folded behind his back stiffly is a natural pose for him, hid them on purpose. I might do a few more poses of him without the coat and then without everything else, scars and such on his body. Then maybe someday his rapier or something.

Preliminary figure sketch in blue, finalized body lines in pencil, and final lineart in red. I did the bottom of his boots in photoshop quickly, adjusting the positioning as well to fit him easier. This is Alexander how I wanted him to look almost exactly. I'll be inking and coloring this I'm sure sometime soon when I get a breath in.

P.S.: He's friendlier than he looks XD
Alexander Rumenez @ [user2993]

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