Not Safe for Work

Posted Jul 11, 2008, 2:49:01 AM

Upon arriving at Serro's office, Petya was quick to suss out that Serro's door was locked for a very specific reason and not accidental at all.
Although next time he saw the big Kazakh, he made sure to tell him he might want to put up blinds on the door too.

Fiiiiinished. Still artblocked and still grumpy. So therefore, almost pronz. Or kind of pronz. Normally I don't post my Russian mafiya art outside of Y!Gallery where it originated but I'm particularly proud of this piece.

Serro  (long hair) (c) me

Vali  (curly hair )(c) Gunsandpocky

Petya (the perv ) (c)  Megummichan

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  • Jul 11, 2008
    Very nice! I love the tattoo and the way you did the curly hair. Thanks for sharing this with us.
    • Jul 13, 2008
      You're very welcome. I enjoyed the hair too (particularly Vali's curls).
  • Jul 12, 2008
    Tlana I presume? Don't be shy ^^ I'd say 50% of the people here are on Y!g or have taped it in some way before >.> I like your art style ^^ I'm a big fan of lovely hair on a man in art, and this one is no exception ^^ Feel free to post some mafia stuff here. I'm sure it'll be welcomed ^^
    • Jul 13, 2008
      You got me. ;)
      I am shy about the Y!gallery thing but I'm trying to get over it. Although I might post more of the mafiya thing, I'm afraid a lot of the 'jokes' and such would lose their impact and such. But thanks for encouragement regardless!
      • Jul 13, 2008
        IT's understandable. When I first joined, it took me a few months before I'd draw shounen-ai... now I have no issues drawing yaoi XD Its a very different community there, isn't it?

        Put it this way though- not all pictures have to be funny, right? That's the great thing about art. It doesn't need to be anything as long as it tells a story. Whether that's through emotion, words or actions, it's all it takes Smile Well, I hope you enjoy it here anyways ^^ Look forward to seeing some more art ;)