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Family Bonding

Posted Jul 11, 2008, 3:00:31 AM

Oooooold commission I've owed to anathemasremedy for a long time. I think I pulled off something kinda neat here for her at least.

Minx (c) anathemasremedy and carlconnor

Sabertooth (c) Marvel Comics

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  • Jul 11, 2008
    This is beautiful and gritty, and the characters have such personality.
  • Jul 11, 2008
    Oh what fun it is to burn... like the playful smirks. Nice style and lighting.
    • Jul 13, 2008
      The lighting was the whole reason I wanted to do this. I'm glad it came out close to what I had in my head.
      • Jul 14, 2008
        Glad too. Because it's beautiful work! Keep going.