Beauty of the East

Posted Jul 20, 2008, 10:58:22 AM

Well, this is Nat's wife, Yefa, she's a lot older then him but still young in comparison to the rest of her people. She's around 60, but looks no older then 25-28 years old. Her people is a nomadic desert people that sort of has an Arabian feel over them. Their people use the veils to show that they are unmarried and available. The women themselves chose the man they want and if they deem them good enough and love them enough they will remove the veil once they are "married".

The Marriage is hard to explain since they do a sort of Soul Merging, making them a part of their partner for forever. Nat and Yefa are married in this way.

Anyway... playing around with oC 4.3 and trying out the tones there. I like the result considering I have only used the tone feature once before this image...

Anyway, slapdash light source, didn't bother caring right now.

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