Posted Aug 6, 2008, 1:51:46 AM

It feels like so long since I finished colouring something, full time work really sucks in this regard, I get home and just want to zone out. With manifest coming up I'm been working on some fan art for that event and I've had little time/energy to spend finishing work on my original characters. I'm really glad I finished this XD
Zilv'fryn is my batsh#t insane drider, I did some tweaking to his design, added an additional scar across his nose and mangled his ear. I always imagined Zilv as kind of sickly-odd looking by Drow standards, starting with his yellow eyes and platinum hair I decided to leave his skin fairer as well and used green here and there in it.
I do love the crazy little guy but the more I think about him the more his life sucks XP really makes me want to play him in something.

I think I will be selling prints of this at manifest and maybe even keychains X3 we'll see if melbournites are as interested in him as I am XP

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