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Fangirling therapy - OrgXIII

Posted Sep 1, 2008, 4:36:28 PM

I've had a real low this fall; lots of different sorts of nasty has happened, and I've been pretty blue.
And then, enter stage right, the obsession hit. Suddenly there's a lovely fluffy, sparkly pink cloud between me and that uncooperative reality, and I'm borne forth on a wave of Fangirlia.
Usually I'm much too cynical to get quite so carried away; it's been years since my last really big obseesion, but this time I got it bad. Fangirling against depression. It's not a pretty sight, but it works. u.u

So that's me there, and the Organization. Especially the more Vexen-y part of the Organization.
Moving on... >.>

Please note: the artist is a cynical and level-headed 27-year old. She is aware of her condition, and will soon be her usual self again. Risk for badly written Evanescense-songfics and Mary-Sue self insertion-posters is at a minimum, but walk with caution. Do not feed the animals.

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