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Loke's Fiery Presence

Posted Sep 14, 2008, 11:33:45 PM

This is an image I did to test out the way this particular watercolour paper takes ink. It did really well in my opinion, and I finally got it scanned in a way that pleased me. The original's colours are slightly more subtle and so forth, but naturally scanning an image in makes it less subtle to the eye. I do hope, nonetheless, that you all will enjoy it.

The original is actually available for purchase and is around 5.5"x7.5", on high-quality watercolour paper, pen and ink and watercolours, $75. Please contact if you're interested!

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  • Sep 14, 2008
    He's gorgeous! I love that raised eyebrow - he has such a mischievous look about him.
    • Sep 15, 2008
      Thank you very much! Smile I had hoped that I would be able to convey such a mischievous and clever look as Loke has. :)
  • Apr 30, 2012