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Posted Sep 17, 2008, 1:20:28 AM

As a little kid growing up, I have to say I always adored the "Precious Moments" style for it's cute chibi-like children with the teardrop eyes.  Since my grandmother works at the Hallmark store, she buys me almost every year, a "Precious Moments" porcelain collectible for me to keep. (I rarely display them now because they're a pain to keep up with when dusting my room)
So, I thought I would do something different and make little Precious Moments children out of the Death Note crew. And if you noticed, I condensed Ryuk to look more like a cute and adorable dog-like pet rather than a larger-than-Light shinigami from the anime. He looks more huggable that way.  I also made him licking Light's neon-orange apple pen btw.
Misa's outfit I thought would be difficult, since I knew I had to draw her vogue without destroying the innocence of the Precious Moments style....that's when I decided to make her dress have some Gothic Lolita lace dress that wasn't too revealing. 
If I had to pick favorites, I guess it would have to be Mello. I love how his adorable pose came out.

Painted in watercolors.

Precious Moments © Sam Butcher
Death Note © Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata

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