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Posted Sep 17, 2008, 8:36:57 PM

This is Myron, or as he's properly called, Mirynoin Lallesthal. He's an Elf character of mine, and I wanted to do an illustration of him using traditional media. I hope you'll enjoy him! :)


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  • Feb 17, 2009
    mm, thanks for putting this in your featured, i just clicked on it and oggled it for at least five minutes...

    Just, the colours.. and your artsyle, they dont get old ^^

    *has to unfortunately poof out to go to a meeting.. so waves and logs off for now*
    • Feb 21, 2009
      You are so kind...thank you so much for that. Smile I'm always so grateful for your kind comments, and I'm sure the rest of the PaperDemon community are as well!

      • Feb 21, 2009
        hehe you never know ^^
        i might get annoying after a while ^~

        any time