Lonely Rider

Posted Sep 22, 2008, 12:22:30 AM

Hi, I'm back again! Well, I've been very busy and haven't been able to keep this account up to date, unfortunately. However, I will try to keep posting some new art now and then, so here's something! Colored pencils on illustration paper, and took about five days. This is part of an unofficial "series" of pictures featuring the Lonely Rider, a character from my original fantasyland, Antellonia. More about the Loney Rider can be read below:

How many miles to Altairond?
Four thousand years, old friend.
Can I make it there by air?
Yes, you can go anywhere.

If your horse be nimble and light
You can get there by bird's flight.

For all journeys, neverending
Need a will, neverbending.
To find your way though mountains higher
You must follow the Lonely Rider.

The "Lonely Rider" is an amibiguous folk character in the Rian mythos. Also called the Traveller, it is characterized as always going, always seeking, seldom finding. It is the embodiment of the wandering spirit, accompanied only by its trusty mount. 

Seeing the Lonely Rider is considered a sign of good luck, and that whatever journey you are on at the moment will be a successful one. But you can never meet the Lonely Rider, for it is always ahead of you, and always moving on. Nobody even knows if it is a man or a woman.


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  • Oct 2, 2008
    I love the brilliance of the colours in this piece. The shadows cast by clouds, the light causing the grass to glow - a lovely image.




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