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Thane Test

Posted Sep 22, 2008, 11:07:26 PM

This is the same Reaper character (whose 'adopted' name is Thane, so as not to terrify/amuse people when he tells them) done in separate pencils, as a scan test, to see how they do. I believe I'll be using the top pencil, because I was more pleased with how they turned out and how easy they were to control. I love the charcoal pencil I used for the bottom sketch, but they are really not suited at present for this project, I think. I love the moodiness and emotion of charcoal, but it is very difficult to control (especially with detail work) and very easy indeed to smear or irreparably mess up.

In any case, I hope you enjoy this little sketch card. At first I wasn't going to upload it, but I thought it might be a bit fun to see!


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  • Apr 30, 2012
    god i couldnt agree more. charcoal is hell for fine detail. its like drawng with a pen.even a kneeded eraser doesnt help. id only use that kind of pincel for backgrounds and shading. this looks great though. both versions are cool.