Violin Lessons

Posted Sep 23, 2008, 8:11:49 PM

 Violin Lessons for the Prince of Hell

It times long past the Prince of Hell was prone to fits of gloominess. He would mope about the inner circles of Hell, paying no heed to his business or duties, and generally being what we on earth call a "wet blanket."

Then one day the Prince, in his gloominess, stepped upon a fiddle someone had left lying in the hall. When he went to pick it up it bit him, much to his surprise and consternation. And when he did find the fiddle's owner you can be sure he had some very stern things to say to her. But she only tweaked his nose and told him to stop moping so, as it did not become a prince, let alone the prince of such a notable place as Hell.

Now the Prince, whose name was Sepherus, had not had his nose tweaked him many thousands of years, and was unsure how to respond. The fiddle's owner, whose name was Grimbald, Queen of Dreams, took his silence as agreement, and offered to teach him how to play the violin. And since Grimbald did not understand the concept of "no, thank you" in those days, that is exactly what she did. By the afternoon she had Sepherus fiddling merrily, and quite out of his moping.

Next she is planning on teaching him how to dance.

Last one for today, Grimbald sure gets around, don't she? And yes, that is the self-same fiddle as featured in the comic, <a href="">Tobius & Grimbald.</a>

From February of this year. Colored pencils, once again.

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