Jack in the Box.

Posted Aug 21, 2005, 12:11:39 AM
Such a tiny box.

hehe!.. the style i used in this pic was "barrowed" from my Fiance's style.. i've grown rather fond torwards that style..

Neh, well i played with the Tones in Photoshop (Tri Tones) and i got a much better look then i did with me playing with pastel pencils.. my avatar is the product of that.. but it feels like cheating to edit pictures thaaat much in an image program.. so i'll only post up the original and link to the other edited piece.. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v157/Fladbad/jack_in_a_box_ps.jpg *whines* i wish i could've done that without digital means!

*sniffle* Done in Pastel pencils.

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  • Aug 21, 2005
    That is really cool-looking! You know, it kind of reminds me of a Tim Burton movie...kind of a wierd, scary, funny kind of thing. Great job with the coloring, it looks really neat. Smile
    • Aug 26, 2005
      it probably reminds you of Tim Burton because of the hair xO he does that little curl effect in everything he does

      thank you for the comment! really happy that you like it :3
  • Aug 21, 2005
    this is so cool! I reminds me of tim Burton movie too! EBS is soo right! Great job!
  • Aug 21, 2005
    Never consider using digital as cheating. It is merely a tool in your tool box.

    Anyway I like both versions. They each have their own personality. I think I like the colored one better than the photoshop one.
    • Aug 26, 2005
      hehe! i know i shouldn't think of PS as cheating.. but when i change an image to that point.. i feel that it is.. its just my line drawn in the sand.. its so i don't use PS as my tool box.. i don't want it to be a crutch

      hehe! but thank you for the comment
  • Mar 14, 2006
    It does kind of have that Tim Burton effect to it. Very nice job!




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