Posted Oct 13, 2008, 9:40:30 PM
" 'Can you conquer the black wings and the darkness of heart?' "

About the Picture:
This is a character from my story named Chio.  I don't really want to say much about him for confidentiality. But I suppose I will explain a little bit about that mark he has on his skin. It's the mark of a curse that he inherited from past generations. His great grandfather was cut by the villain's sword and was left with a curse that tainted his soul. In the story, the scar represents not only his curse, but the state of his mind and heart as his desire for revenge deepens. And that is all I will tell you. =)

My Comments:
So I dug this lineart I did from years ago. I can't remember from exactly when... it was just a very long time ago. So I dug it up a week ago or so and re-touched the lineart a bit (Chio's design was slightly different back in the day). And I decided to color it in an attempt to get the desire to draw again. So now you know why the style is so weird and why the lineart is slightly crappy.

Chio is (c) ME
Excerpt (c) ME

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