Posted Oct 29, 2008, 4:33:54 AM

My quickie sketch submission for Theme Week.  I will likely develop this more at a later date.

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  • Nov 4, 2008
    wow. liking the shading on this one.
  • Oct 29, 2008
    "Can you stand on your head?" 9.9 That's all I can think of. Hehe.
    • Oct 29, 2008
      *grin* Not like this I can't. Can you?

      I doodled the original here in my class notes.
      • Oct 30, 2008
        Oh yeah. xD I do it all the time. Pssh.

        (Okay, not really. Shh, don't tell anyone!)

        Really? That's cool. And that's such an awkward pose, so it must have taken a lot of work. :/
        • Oct 30, 2008
          Laughing No, not really too much work. I've drawn contortionists before.
          I started with the lower legs... and then put the head under the feet, and went from there. Big Smile It was fun!
          • Oct 31, 2008
            Oh. Laughing Well gee. Nevermind then. Lol. Gosh, and here I thought you SLAVED over it. Way to ruin the magic. Lol. Kidding. :3
            • Oct 31, 2008
              Grin Slave over a sketch, luv? No, no - I will slave over the full version, when I have him being introduced with a Hallowe'en Ring Master.