Rework: Carl Sagan

Posted Nov 1, 2008, 3:13:54 PM

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My muse, the dragoness Dreamkeeper Xian and one of my heroes, Carl Sagan.

I did a similar picture about three or four years ago and came across it the other day...while watching Cosmos, funnily enough.

In his life Carl dreamt of other planets and the life that might be on them. his afterlife, Xian takes him to them and shows him what others might be like in the panels of her enormous wings.

For those wondering exactly what her panels show, from left to right : A Nebula, A water planet with Octo-fishies and possibly carnivorous orange kelp-like plants, Earth, Two panels worth of what her wings normally look like, A gaseous planet with small four winged birds and flying jellyfishes, A strange, blue based mountainous world with four suns, And the other half of the Nebula from the first panel on the left.

We miss you Carl.

Xian and Art are (c) to me.
Carl belongs to himself I imagine.

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