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Posted Nov 6, 2008, 6:11:31 AM

To explain: a recent (and awful) series of Supergirl introduced a character named Power Boy, who was very dishy and suspiciously had a costume design rather close to Power Girl's, complete with the boob window. Apparently he had become fixated upon fake-Supergirl (I call her this because the real Supergirl is nothing like this apparent imitator; I grew up reading Adventure Comics) when she went to Apokolips and fought there, which made him follow her back to Earth and try to impress her. They ended up fighting because he was augmented to use his emotions to strengthen himself, so given Apokolips training, he was made to have a hair temper. He kicked fake-Supergirl's butt and took her back to his home, explaining what was happening.

Then she decided that, instead of doing what Supergirl would do and actually reasoning it out and trying to talk to him and befriend him, that she would pretty much present him as a stalker -- which he really wasn't -- and nearly kill him. She acted like a little bimbo and nearly caused her own death, as well as countless others because she was stupid enough to continue the fight and defy her power set. I don't think so.

You could tell the writers were trying very hard to attempt to do a 'statement' story, but it didn't work. They tried to make Power Boy seem like a stalker, but actually he wasn't; if you take his upbringing into account, fake-Supergirl was unlike anything he had ever seen, and it fascinated him. Of course he's going to be interested that someone out there is strong but not in it to conquer the universe or to be a cog in Darkseid's machine.

They also tried to make it seem like an 'abusive relationship' story, which also didn't work since they had just casually met like a day before. What made it even more amusing was them trying to make that statement with fake-Supergirl attempting to literally crush Power Boy whilst telling him that you never hit someone you love.

Except conveniently the writers managed to forget all the times even the real Supergirl (and others) have done exactly this.

No, you never hit someone you love...unless they happened to be mind-controlled by Lex Luthor and you have to fight them because if you don't they're going to kill everyone they ever knew and loved. Never ever. Except when some weird kryptonite makes them insane and crazed and try to kill you. It's never okay!

Hypocrisy, anyone?

So I decided, hey! Since Power Boy was so poorly-treated during his brief appearances in comics, I decided to redo his origins completely. They could've had a male equivalent to Power Girl and had a lot of fun with the character, but unfortunately they're a bunch of idiots. So I elected to work my magic.

Although it is necessarily condensed, it shows what would have happened in the Silver Age, and under vastly better writers. There would be a fight, sure...but then the two would resolve their differences and learn about friendship and how to work out differences in a civilised and enlightened way.

Also, even though it's condensed, it clearly shows that the writers did not need <i>three issues</i> to tell the story. It could be told in ten pages easily, twenty if we stretched it out. Taking over sixty pages to tell such a fundamentally simple tale is inexcusable padding.

I tried to adopt a style more suited to the Silver Age era of comics, and all of the colours have their source in these comics, of my own collection. Power Boy's, for example, has his colours derived from Power Girl's appearances in All-Star Comics!

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  • Nov 5, 2008
    *scoures eyes* The cheeeese factor XD I keep forgetting how cheesey golden age and silver age was Smile Nicely done hon ^^
    • Nov 6, 2008
      Thanks so much!

      Cheesy or not, at least it was about 100 times better than what they actually did with this storyline! Man, I can't believe how stupid it was...!
      • Nov 6, 2008
        Oh man were they what XD Golden age is unbearableto read for anything besides research value. They were so proper and red/white/blue back then that it hurts to read XD IT's cause of the war though. There was enough anger and violence- they didn't need the comics to have it too. Look at Vamperilla- she was WAY too hot for her time. Now days, she's a vixen. Back then, she was porn
        • Nov 6, 2008
          It's not all quite so bad, it's just some of the titles. I've read some Golden Age that was fearsome and some that was actually quite amazing.

          Silver Age, which is what this was homage to, is very different than that. It's not quite so blindly nationalistic. And in the 60s and early 70s, the periods where the Silver Age was very strong, there was a lot of movement towards teaching the young audience lessons about friendship, understanding, and not resorting to aggression as a knee-jerk solution to everything.

          I think frankly most of the modern comic writers for superhero stuff couldn't hold a candle to Silver Age fare, because was *fun* and interesting, and didn't take itself so seriously.

          Golden Age tends to be put upon a pedestal, but it's not as solidly good in my opinion. Personally I prefer Bronze Age most of all usually.

          But I do love Silver Age!

          You're totally right about Vampi too, back then she might as well have had full-on sex on every page. Scandalous!