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Stallion for Mitani

Posted Nov 8, 2008, 7:43:55 PM

This is the beautiful Angel named Stallion, for my dear friend Mitani, to cheer her up and give her some strength for some trying times lately. I hope you enjoy him as much as she did, and as much as I did while drawing. :)

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  • Nov 8, 2008
    He'S awesome - really nice style.
    You have a very lighty hand, hm? or did you use a hard pencil? o.o
    • Nov 8, 2008
      Thank you very much. Smile I'm so grateful for your comment.

      I used a 2B pencil, but I wanted to make it light and ethereal, so I tried to keep it as light as I could while still being able to make out the features. I like it when people can notice new things every time they look. :)

      Thank you again! I hope you'll enjoy my other work too.