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Darkseid Online

Posted Dec 6, 2008, 3:41:42 AM

If you'd like the whole story, go to my blog at and read the whole article on Final Crisis. Yes, apparently they decided to have Darkseid figure out the anti-life equation for some unknowable reason, and then added insult to injury by expecting us to believe that him trying to put it on the internet would actually accomplish anything.


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  • Dec 6, 2008
    *trying not to laugh*


    • Dec 6, 2008
      Thank you so much!!

      I am so happy you liked this, and so grateful for the fav!!

      If you'd like the full story, just peek at my's kinda bitchy sometimes but I try to keep it funny too.

      Thanks so much again!! Smile
      • Dec 6, 2008
        Not a problem;some people forget that the best spoofs ever are the lightweight ones.

        Ones that treader on going too far often sire more malice than humor.
        • Dec 7, 2008
          Thanks very much again. Smile I'm so grateful for your comments!!
          • Dec 7, 2008
            It is no problem; I believe strongly if you cant keep to the preference of the artist you might as well not comment! but in all truths I must confess I would have parsed this aether way it made me laugh that hard.
            • Dec 7, 2008
              I'm so glad. Smile That was my intention!
  • Dec 6, 2008
    That's just HILARIOUS!!!
    • Dec 7, 2008
      Thank you so much! Smile I'm very happy that you've enjoyed it, and I'm even more delighted that you commented!
  • Mar 17, 2009
    That was hilarious!
    • Mar 21, 2009
      Thank you so much, I'm so glad you liked it! Smile