PHM - Recolored

Posted Dec 22, 2008, 6:53:38 AM

Yes, this is Pretty Hate Machine and he's a re-done, re-touched and re-colored piece of an older pencil draw I did almost three years ago. It was originally colored in Open Canvas using my mouse, but always thought I could do better. After two more attempts, this be it, hehe.


A very canon, Lord Sesshomaru.  :)


BTW, I own nada thing, nor do I make money from nadathing! :innocent:



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  • Dec 22, 2008
    He came really good! I like how you retouched it. Big Smile
    • Dec 23, 2008
      Thanks much. Used a little tablet on him this time, not just a mouse. Big Smile Am glad you like.
      • Dec 23, 2008
        You're welcome! I have a tablet too & now I find I use a combination of that 7 my mouse as i still haven't figured out how to make the tablet pen "spray paint" like the mouse does. ;p
        • Dec 24, 2008
          Kewl! I can do the air brush, it just depends on how dark you want it to be is all. But since Ive gotten the tablet, which mine is really old, I havent used the mouse since - I kept killing them. Big Smile
          • Dec 25, 2008
            Cool! I wish I could get mine to work! Really? XD I think I would die if my mouse died too!
            • Dec 25, 2008
              It took me a while to figure out what was what and how to make things light/darker and the such, Hell am still learning, hehe. And my tablet I bought used, so it didn't come with a mouse, but the poor ones I used from the puter just didn't stand a chance, hehe. Big Smile
              • Dec 26, 2008
                Yeah? I've got a small wacom tablet that didn't come with anything other than a pen, & i believe the software needed to install it. ;p My mouse is the same mouse I use when surfing the net. ;p

                You use photoshop, no?That's what I use & I've found that I can't get the soft fuzzy edging you get with a mouse when you use the airbrush tool, when using the pen. Plus I find using the airbrush tool like that (with a mouse) works really well when shading, especially with skin tones.

                *reread what you've said* (Sorry my head's really fuzzy from a bad cold) I see now, you're talking about a regular compy mouse. I've only had one die on me & it went really crazy too. It was before I had tablet & It totally refused to do curved lines, which made coloring stuff in really difficult. XD
                • Dec 27, 2008

                  My used/new one, which am like 14 now I do believe, only came with the pen, cable and power plug- its a serial connection. Cant find a USB that I can afford. I got the install from the site itself. I didn't know exactly how old it was till then.
                  Ive had a hard time using the puters mouse for coloring, think that's why they never lasted, hehe. And sorry to hear bout the cold, hope you feel better soon, Hun.
                  Oh, go check your mail Hun, maybe you can use that, to some extent anyways. I do, and its great with lineart. ;)
                  • Dec 28, 2008
                    really? That old? That's pretty much what they all come with. My brother set it up for me, since he had a bigger one. I've got a small one. It works just fine for me as it fits on the limited comp table space i have. ;p

                    I hear you! I have a great scanner i can no longer use because i can't plug it into my new comp! T.T

                    Since that's all I had at the time I found it "easy" to use the mouse. Although I do love my tablet & wouldn't give it up. ;p

                    okay. will do! XD
                    • Dec 28, 2008
                      Yea, mines kinda like a dinosaur, hehe, but it works pretty decent. Like to find a USB one tho.
                      And I have a scanner that still works just not on my sons puter, which am using at the moment. It went with the puter that bit it a while ago. And like you, wouldnt give up tablet for nada, hehe.

                      ...and how ya like that email, eh? Tongue
                      • Dec 29, 2008
                        XD Sometimes those dinos work the best though! ;p I miss that scanner terribly! *nods* Mine worked with my old compy too! As nice as this one is, I miss my old one. *sighs*

                        Yup! ;p

                        email...? *is confuzzled*
                        • Dec 29, 2008
                          Yea, its a dino, aight. And I miss my scanner as well. Ah well. And the email was more of the personal mess. I sent with OC in it. ;)
                          • Dec 30, 2008

                            Speaking of scanners, I just got a new one. I got tired of playing with cables, I got a printer/scanner/copier one. So now I should hopefully do more art. *laughs*

                            Thank you! I got that & I really need to draw something so I can try it out. XD

                            *glomps you* You're the best!
                            • Dec 30, 2008
                              Ah kewl, a new toy! Lol... And yes, more art is a moral imperative! ;P And you be most welcome, m'dear, I hope you have lottsa fun with it. *glomps back* Big Smile
                              • Dec 31, 2008
                                Yes! Now if only I could convince my muse to leave the writing alone & start inspiring me to do more art! ;p

                                And thank you so much again! that was soooo unexpected and extremely nice of you! I really appreciate it!


                                luv kira
  • Dec 26, 2008
    Heck yes!! This gets better and better with every touch up!

    My Goddess!! You totally Rock!!
    • Dec 27, 2008
      Baby Goddess! *hugzz*

      Actually, Hun, Ive only colored him (full) twice, when I think on it. He was the original pencil draw, which the scanner just about killed with darkness, of which I did a black and white of him except for his stripes, moon and eyes. Then colored once with my mouse fully, then now.

      Wait, am that two or three times, lol.

      Either way, glad you likey!
  • Dec 27, 2008
    Awww, pretty, Onna! Lucient will love it. Smile
    • Dec 27, 2008
      Aww, thanks, My Onna. And I hope so. I think of him when ever I look at it. ;)