Iona Pinup (pg13)

Posted Jan 1, 2009, 8:02:31 PM

Request from Doom Viodmaker; he wanted to see a cutsy pinup of Iona is a adorable Gothic dress.

Inoa is one of the main characters in Chidder, my Trnityblood Fancomic. She is the descendant of Ion Fortuna and is the current reigning duchess of Moldova. Her posture is elegant exceptionally so in the art of battle where her Aqua-kinetic Mastery shines.

If you draw Iona she should never look fat or repulsive, her features are doll-like and she is fairly thin,  Iona is a Methuselah meaning she is a living creator with vampire like ability's, super strength, super speed, regeneration, and a need for blood brought by the presence of a parasitic Bacillus. Other than that on a normal occasion one would be hard pressed to think her anything other than what she chose to appear,Iona is a little on the scrawny side being only about 4'10" but her fiancee/husband in the Comic Esther Nightroad (named for his grandmother) is only around 5'5" so it evens out.

The dress was designed By me, however I did not write TrinityBlood in fact the original creator sadly passed away in 2007 due to a lung blockage.

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