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Rogue in Autumn

Posted Jan 6, 2009, 10:21:22 PM

Started off a sketch of my favorite comic book girl, Rogue and went from there. I'm particularly pleased by her face/smile. That's how Rogue should be in my opinion- a little crazy, a little naughty, not just emo all the damn time.

Rogue (c) Marvel Comics

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  • Jan 7, 2009
    cool!!! she is my fave comic book charater too!! good job!!
  • Jan 7, 2009
    hear hear! I hated the movie rogue. ever try your hand at nightcrawler?
    • Jan 8, 2009

      Other than that, which has probably been around a year maybe, not for a long time.
      • Jan 8, 2009
        nightcrawler was always my favorite. I grew up in a family of comic book nerds, so I really didn't like some of the movie versions of the X-men.
        • Jan 13, 2009
          Ditto. And some of the movie versions were okay...but I had issues with other. Like Sabretooth and Mystique. And Rogue in certain aspects.
          • Jan 18, 2009
            I thought they did a pretty good job with nightcrawler though. and Hugh Jackman was a good wolverine.
            • Jan 19, 2009
              It was an interesting take on him, though I would've preferred to see a bit more of the 'swashbuckler' 'Crawler myself.

              And yes, Hugh Jackman finally made me 'get' what was so great about Wolvie (even if he was too tall).
              • Jan 21, 2009
                hugh makes up for it with hotness though. and I generally see crawler as more of a class clown, but I could see if he started off being shy.