ATC for Cruffins

Posted Jan 14, 2009, 7:58:18 PM

ATC for Cruffins here on paperdemon and also on deviantART.

Her characters Kurt, Gene, and Remi. :D

I take commissions or trades for these.

...I swear I'll send these to you soon, Cruffins! D|

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  • Jan 18, 2009
    Considering how little these drawings are, you've done an awesome job of squeezing in the little details. I am especially fond of the man in the top hat.

    Also the character in front of the purple background looks like it was derived from "Le Violin D'Ingres", is that right?

    Love the collection!
    • Jan 18, 2009
      Aww, thank you. I admit, this isn't the best set I've done, as it was basically the first one I did - though it was good practice. Smile

      ...iiiiif that has anything to do with Apocolyptica, I think yes? XD I recall really only a picture of a nude woman's back where there were the violin/cello "holes" (I know there is a proper name for them..>_> bah.) in her back and she is sitting amongst grass with a dark sky I believe with golden letters somewhere on the upper part of the page.

      Thanks! Smile
      • Jan 18, 2009
        No, I originally meant the famous surrealism piece called "Violon D'Ingres" from Art History, though I imagine Apocolyptica probably used this famous image for their marketing.

        The original piece by Man Ray is shown here, if you're interested:

        • Jan 18, 2009
          OOOh! Okay! XD I had absolutely no idea. It's possible they did - though they seem to have redone it. XD

          Thanks much!
          • Jan 18, 2009
            Giggle I just found the image for Apocalyptica's "Reflections".

            It is Ingres' Violin! I guess that totally suits them, anyway, what with the punk strings and all. Neat! Now we both got to learn something. Wink