ATC for Syan

Posted Jan 14, 2009, 8:01:56 PM

For Syan of deviantART. :)

I take trades or commissions for these.

Her characters Anodyne, Lune and Kylan. :D

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  • Jan 18, 2009
    These tiny paintings are really quite amazing. Do they take a lot of patience, or are they generally quicker than normal? I know my tiny things take me forEVER, just because I always want to squeeze in the textures to such a small space.

    But here, you've even managed to draw the little laces on the grey man's costume, the spiders and piercings on the guy on the bottom... the spider webs in the background, and your proportions aren't at all skewed.

    I think this set is my favourite of the series.

    Have you ever considered making your own deck of playing cards?
    • Jan 18, 2009
      Goodness, they actually don't take me very long at all - they're quite simple for me really, and I enjoy doing them very much because they're a good way to practice and not have to do anything fullscale as I see it. I usually have difficulties with full page illustrations - I haven't got the patience nor the skill for those, really, though I do try them now and then. XD

      I do try and have a certain amount of detail to go with each character though I wasn't completely satisfied with the albino character, Anodyne (the one with the spiders), honestly. I wanted to do a bit more buuuut I couldn't think of much to do. :C Bah. Oh well. I love clothes too much so I'm never satisfied at what I draw. Tongue

      Aww, thank you. ;w;
      *blink* My own deck of playing cards? No, no actually I haven't. *head tilt* I never really even thought about it honestly, but it does sound like it could be a lot of fun! 8D! Thanks for the marvelous suggestion!
      • Jan 18, 2009
        That's so funny! I actually think the spider-guy is one of my faves. Laughing I think mostly because he has so much alluding to his character? Anyway, they're all great. It would be fun to have a bunch of these to put together in a frame, arranged storyboard-fashion.

        Card decks are fun! I'm working on one right now, myself, though it's going to take me a few years, probably (sooo much detail... and then there's the whole learning to use computer-generated art stuff). But I love seeing other people's ideas for those kind of things. Any series is neat, really, because every artist interprets things so very differently, one ends up seeing a vast array of viewpoints for a single idea.
        • Jan 18, 2009
          XD That's cool, and I'm glad you like him. Smile I was happy to draw him, that's for sure. Unfortunately I don't know too much about the character as the original artist has done very little with them. :C That makes me sad since I like to see if I can incorporate elements of the character's story and personality into what I do. (Now if I succeed, that's another matter entirely..)

          That would be fun, and I've contemplated doing that before but I can't come up with a solid theme. I think I just need more time or the right mood, I mean, there are times when I'll get rammed with the urge to do comics and suddenly I'm sketching 6+ pages.

          I will certainly have to keep that in mind, though, it could be very much fun that I have yet to encounter. Big Smile <3 And I'd love to see your ideas as well; I've found them to be the same - what with the different ideas for different suits and such. :3
          • Jan 18, 2009
            My first complete card for the new set was posted here just today. It's called "Forest Keeper".

            For this deck, I'm using the older, more traditional interpretations for the suits: the 4 elements.
            Diamonds is Earth, Hearts is Water, Spades are Air, and Clubs are Fire.
            There's another girl on DeviantArt currently working on her own deck as well, but her interpretations are far different from mine. She's a sweety, though, and has some great artwork. She goes by delirium77 on dA.

            Erm.. I think that's probably as much as I can babble without getting really boring (unless I already AM really boring, then I'd be hitting the nail even further! HA!)
            • Jan 18, 2009
              Really? Cool! I'll have to go check my message inbox then. Tongue
              *nods, thinking* That sounds pretty sound to me, and I'll have to check out Miss delirium77 as well. <3

              *laughs* No no, you're not boring. You're very nice to talk to, actually. Big Smile