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Posted Jan 18, 2009, 9:59:34 PM

RIGHT. I forgot to upload this here. XD I did this a long while ago and the lineART was a little old by the time I did. 8) I still like it.

So yeah. Shisou. With an ICP song.


...oh, random pimping: I'm having a sale for commissions: comment there if interested. :D

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  • Jan 18, 2009
    I love the hands in this one. That kind of positioning/foreshortening is tough to achieve.

    Very cool and energetic piece overall!
    • Jan 18, 2009
      XD That's probably about the only part I distinctly like without ripping it senselessly apart. XD; I'm just AWFUL at foreshortening and need a lot more practice. ^^;

      Thanks though, I still enjoy it despite it's many flaws. Big Smile (lighting not included. XP; )
      • Jan 18, 2009
        LOL! I still don't think there's such thing as an artwork that the artist is totally and completely happy with (or rather.. that the artist REMAINS totally and completely happy with).

        My own are all.... Icky to me. I can never get them just so...
        • Jan 18, 2009
          That is very true, unfortunately but also I suppose it's a good thing. It means we'll try to get better. C:!

          BLEH. Foreshortening is DOOM.
  • Jan 18, 2009
    *huggles imaginary Shisou plushie* squeee!
  • Apr 28, 2009
    its awesome i love it