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Posted Jan 19, 2009, 12:19:10 AM UTC

Cyberpuck rp... Current going. The characters belong to use ,but i do them for the most part.


About Payo

The youngest of the crew. pre-teen.

As a child she was in a bad car accident that killed the people in the car she was with. She was badly injured ,and stressed out her hair turned frown brown to light yellow.

Her mother and father got divorced shortly after the accident and her father disappeared. Her mother went slightly mad ,so Payo ran away out of fear for her own safety. She's not looking for her father, she just wanted to get as far away from her mother as possible.

About Jo (real name

She grew up normal ,happy and privileged.

She was with a man ,and got pregnant.

Over time the government was getting corrupt ,however. Slavery of females (and other things) sweep over and her lover sold her to them when he found out she was having his child.

She lost the child ,due to the stress of labor ,and the heartbreak of betrayal.

She escaped the slavery a few ears later ,and is now looking for him (and his new girlfriend) to kill them both.

Yes, the girlfriend was in on with the man was doing ,and had done.

SPOLIDER: She killed herself from guilt and far when she found out Jo had escaped. :D Happy times.


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