Bronze Brydroth

Posted Jan 26, 2009, 3:17:56 PM UTC

 This is another dragon that a character of mine Impressed at Caufar Weyr.  This time, it's the anti-social F'gon's bronze Brydroth.  Yes, I know he has a fat face, and he's supposed to.  He's a tank.

Kinda sloppy coloring on this one, but I also wanted it to look a bit rough around the edges, as it fits rather well with Brydroth's personality.  Broo is described as being "large, with a reddish, coppery hide" and has an "Overlarge head". Way to go, Broo.

Please do not use without my expressed permission.  Pern belongs to Anne McCaffrey, Brydroth and F'gon belong to me.

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