Posted Jan 26, 2009, 3:33:28 PM UTC

 Note: There are two things that I draw well.  Dragons, and horses.

That being said, this is a drawing I did a while ago.  You can kind of tell that I wasn't using any references, because the haunch muscles on the back legs are kinda wonky.  Even so, I still like this piece a lot., the wings especially.

My pegacorns are rather different from traditional pegacorns (alicorns, unipegs, whatever) in that they have the same physical traits as pegasi (winged horses), but are highly intelligent and always stallions, capable of contacting people through telepathy, and have a very strong life energy that allows them to wield incredible, protective magics when angered or afraid.  Pegacorns are considered divine and immortal, and often choose to partner with just one person until said person dies, and then will choose another.

This particularly pegacorn is Badyr, a black stallion.

Badyr belongs to me.  Not you.


EDIT:  Also, why did I list this as mature content? o.o'

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  • Jan 28, 2009, 5:02:53 AM UTC
    this is amazing!!!!!
    it realy is beautiful!!!!
    love it alot Smile



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