Green Iyainth

Posted Jan 27, 2009, 2:11:58 PM UTC

 Another Pern dragon.  Excited?

After flipping through some art here, I'm come to the conclusion that there aren't that many Pern artists.  So, so everyone isn't wondering what I'm talking about, I'll give a little explanation:

Pern is a world created by Anne McCaffrey, where dragons are used to flame harmful, flesh eating spores that fall on a regular basis from the sky.  This spore is known as "thread", and without dragons, would destroy everything that it touches.  Dragons come in five colors: Green, Blue, Brown, Bronze, and Gold.  Green dragons are always female, and are the smallest and fastest dragons.  Blues are always male, are quick and have more endurance than greens, and are also thought to be very sensitive to humans; blue dragons always mate with greens.  Brown dragons are large males who choose riders with leadership abilities.  Browns are strong and fast, and usually mate with greens, but can sometimes mate with golds.  Bronzes are the highest ranking male dragons, and their riders are usually leaders in the Weyr, the name for the military-esque facility where dragonriders live.  Gold dragons are always female, and are the only fertile dragons that can lay eggs.  Golds cannot breathe fire, and their riders are the political leaders in the Weyr.  Golds are very rare, and to ride a gold is considered a huge honor and responsibility.

Whoah.  My head hurts.

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  • Jan 28, 2009, 6:51:36 PM UTC
    too many dragons! * hits SD with squeaky mallet*




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