Burke's Scar

Posted Jan 31, 2009, 11:00:16 PM

A gouache painting I did for class, Illustration 2. Done in gouache on illustratoin board.

The character is Burke, one of my oldest characters from the comic Half-Lived I'll be working on eventually. He's one of my favorite characters as well as an older one; the best part about this painting is the color of the face and his nose.

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  • Feb 7, 2009
    Bam- That's awesome ^^ That red really knocks you out ^^
  • Jan 31, 2009
    First of all, I learned this year how hard it is working with gouache. I had to do a realistic rendering of a photograph I took of a frog using only Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, White and Black.

    Yours turned out freaking awesome. It's not a perfect realistic rendering, but the illustrative quality is both interesting and very appealing. I love the blue monochromatic scheme you've got going on too.

    Also, what did you do to get the effect in the sky?
    • Jan 31, 2009
      Why thank you for your kind words!

      To be honest, the effect for the sky was simple. I took a very crappy, kind of cheapo brush you could find anywhere, and just blotched it around. Made sure it was a brush I didn't love and just dryly blotted around paint. I didn't make it too wet because it would water down the texture. The technique is in the color I would think. Just using lots of white, blue, and grays when needed.
      • Jan 31, 2009
        So it was done with a flat application then?
        That's really neat.
        • Jan 31, 2009
          Yeah it was all pretty flat. Just paint on board; no extras at all. I'm too scared to try things like that with gouache!
          • Jan 31, 2009
            I hear ya on that one. How big is this painting? Like, my frog one was like, 2"x6" or something like that, and that took a lot of time.
            • Jan 31, 2009
              That one was 10"x15". I have another one I'm going to upload that was 20"x15" and also done in gouache. Right now, I'm doing a 20"x30" gouache painting for class. FUN TIMES.
              • Jan 31, 2009
                That's freaking insane! You must be pro. I give you extended kudos! I look forward to seeing your other stuff.