Tombstone Preacher

Posted Feb 1, 2009, 7:24:47 AM

Sometimes even Izzy has to sit around and mull over the things she's done. The "Judith" lyrics apply to her half-sister Ariadne. Sometimes she wishes she could be more like her little oracle sibling, but both knows and hates the idea of being passive.

For the record, she's sitting on her OWN tombstone. Being a wraith for God and all that, she died and came back. Crawled out of that grave actually, but her mother filled it back in. It remains there so the world will just keep on thinking Izzy is dead.

The title is a reference to a nickname Izzy picked up, mostly because she likes to wear a priest's coat and is undead.

Izzy is mine.
"Judith" is all A Perfect Circle's

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