Rule the World - Jio Freed

Posted Feb 4, 2009, 7:09:08 AM UTC

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Sometimes I tremble like a little child
Their faces mourning with a broken smile

Sometimes I crumble when they're chasing through
Sometimes I feel that I could rule the world

- Kamelot, "Rule the World"

That song kind of inspired this pic of Jio Freed, from 666 Satan (JESUS-FREAK FRIENDLY-NAME: O-Parts Hunter).

A shonen series that I actually found more enjoyable than the current fare.  Perhaps it's the way it's handled, maybe it's the pace of the manga, or maybe it's the near Gainax goo ending, but I think I like it.

The background's crap.  He was supposed to be sitting on a throne, but the perspective just wouldn't work and my wrists ACHE, damnit, so I can't sit here refixing it a billion times til it's right.  So, spaceship.  Yeah.  Awesome.  So his scarf is no longer doing wind tricks, but some funky shonen gravity swells.

I'm simultaneously submitting this to my dA and here.

Texture Brushes by redheadstock
Starfield, planet & nebula - Qzma's tutorial is a good reference tool for making these on your own, u gaiz.

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