Try Me- Sketch

Posted Feb 5, 2009, 5:26:52 AM

Hopefully I will get around to finishing the damn thing (since I had to restore my computer last month my tablet has been awesome, so I should be able to). Nom, smexy shirtless Dante ><.

Dante and Devil May Cry 4 (C) Capcom
Art (C) Me

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  • Feb 6, 2009
    You know- I bet they'd sell the game SO fast if there was a shirtless patch for it... &gt;.&gt; I'd tap it XD

    You wanted crit on this? What kind? I'll try to help Smile




  • DezWIP04: Full Body (very low)
  • She's Just Full of Surprises
  • DezWIP03: Low Poly
  • DezWIP02: Clothing and Hair
  • DezWIP01: Posing
  • XM Wip01
  • The Bleeding
  • D + A Lines
  • D + A Lines