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Posted Feb 20, 2009, 3:50:00 AM

Speaking of characters you'll see a lot of in this gallery...these two are another couple of skypirates, sailing under Captain Asher Lee on the good ship Osprey. Not at the moment, though. At the moment, they've made port and are doing what they do best - hitting up the wenches and mead.

On the left is Louie. Amelia Louise Holbrook, in full, but don't let her catch you using that name. It's Lou or Louie, always. She's the ship's cartographer and occasional mechanic, and she pilots one of the little one-man fighters that docks in the belly of the Osprey.

In charge of piloting the other is her shipmate and constant companion, Harvey "Daytripper" O'Mallory. These two get into some fine adventures, often the kind with lots of swearing and cannons being fired and such. And when all's said and done, they like nothing more than to settle into the nearest port town, get tipsy, and hit on tavern girls. At the moment, they're clearly recounting their daring adventures, so as to impress the lasses.

"So there we were, righ', all surrounded like, two of us an' - lend me a hand here, Lou, were it six o'them?"
"Aye, that's right, seven. And ye'll remember my gun were all jammed up too, but they just kept closin' in..."

Also, Harvey is kind of in love with Louie, but she has no idea. It would never work anyway.


I know of a tavern not far from here
Where you can get some mighty fine beer
The company's true, and the wenches are pretty
It's the greatest damn place in the whole of the city

-"Nancy the Tavern Wench", by Alestorm

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